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Shelly Tomlin
Director of Human Resources

Shelly Tomlin is the Director of Human Resources at First Team Media.  Shelly holds a Masters Degree in Midwifery/Women’s Health from California State University, Fullerton, and has been responsible for assisting in over 1,500 childbirths thus far.  Shelly’s natural communication ability, compassion, and enthusiasm make her a valuable member of the BPM team.  Tomlin also has raised four adult children of her own. Shelly is a native of Orange, CA, and attended Orange High where she served as the Colorguard Captain, ran on the Cross Country team, and was a photographer on the yearbook staff.  Shelly went on to play on the Golf Team at Santiago Canyon College for two seasons, she is also an avid runner and has competed in two marathons.

Shelly has four children of her own. (pictured left to right) Chelsea, Paige, Adam and Tessa.

Shelly played two seasons on the Golf Team at Santiago College.

Shelly is a midwife who has assisted in over 1,500 child births.

Shelly ran on the Cross Country team at Orange High School. (middle row, 2nd from left)

Tomlin shown here running the Suzuki Marathon.

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