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Best Placed Media was founded on the principles of family, friendship and teamwork.  Our executive team were all teammates at the University of the Pacific where they had the opportunity to play football for a young coach named Pete Carroll.  They now have become teammates again on the Best Placed Media team.  Our sports publications provide student-athletes with a platform to have their abilities recognized and their successes documented and memorialized.  Our neighborhood and specialty organization publications provide a sense of community for our readers and a specific, targeted audience for our sponsors to reach with their branding messages.

Garrison Parcells/Chief Executive Officer
Brad Lane/Chief Publishing Officer
Nick Holt /Chief Motivational Officer
Donald Batiste /Chief Financial Officer
Eduardo Yagües Nuño/Director of Productivity
Julie Holt/Director of Content Coordination
Lionel Manuel/Director of Market Development
Shelly Tomlin/Director of Human Resources
June Papadeas/Training Coordinator
Jim Miller/Director of Community Outreach
Steph Harms/Creative Design
Neil Ross/Recruiting Coordinator
Jim Bannowsky/Director of National Accounts
Joe Carey/Director of Sponsorships
Charles Smith/General Counsel
Anthony Camp/Director of Team Morale

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