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Greg Koperek
Recruitment Coordinator

Greg Koperek is the Recruiting Coordinator for First Team Media and is the “Gate-Keeper” for the company, ensuring that we bring in top-flight, well-qualified people to work with us as Independent Publishers.  A well-versed sales veteran,  Koperek spent the last decade as a leading Sales Engineer in the fire protection industry.  Greg is a graduate of the University of the Pacific, with a B.S. in Business Administration and was a standout football player from 1984-1989, playing defensive back and punt returner.  Koperek was inducted into the UOP Hall of Fame in 2020.  Greg also holds an MBA from National University; when he is not on the golf course or coaching youth sports, he can be found relaxing at home with his family in Temecula, CA.

#37 Greg Koperek returns a punt v. Auburn circa 1989.

Greg Koperek was named to the University of the Pacific Athletics Hall of Fame in 2020.

Greg lives in Temecula with his wife Jeni and daughter Chloe.

CPO Brad Lane with Recruiting Coordinator Greg Koperek and UOP Head Basketball Coach Damon Stoudamire post game versus Long Beach State, Circa 2019.

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